Data Scraping without Code.

Seamlessly extract data from any website with just a few simple inputs. No coding necessary.
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Simply enter the URL of the website you want to scrape.

The url of the website you want to scrape.

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Scraping made Easy and Fast

Simply provide the url and which fields you want to extract, we will cover the rest.

Zero Coding Experience Required

Dive right in, no coding experience necessary. Just supply the website URL and specify the data you need. Leave the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to us.

Unbreakable Resilience

Worried about HTML modifications? Fear not. Our robust scraper adjusts and continues to operate effectively, regardless of changes.

Universally Compatible

Say goodbye to constant scraper adjustments. Our technology is equipped to work seamlessly with any new website.

Hassle-Free Data Export

Simple and flexible data export options at your fingertips. Choose from CSV, JSON, or Excel formats for your convenience.

My Journey to Simplify Web Scraping

I started with a clear goal: make web scraping easy for all, no coding needed. That goal led me to build a platform that simplifies data extraction from the web, bypassing the need to know HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

Facing many hurdles, particularly with the constant evolution of web technologies, only fueled my determination. I aimed for a solution that could adapt to any changes and work with every website out there.

Now, we have a platform that uses the latest LLM models to make data extraction super easy. It's designed to give you the easiest and quickest web scraping experience, with various options for how you get your data and put it into your systems.

Samuel Ju
Felix Vemmer
Founder & CEO


No-Code Scraper is a no-code scraping tool that enables you to extract data from any website effortlessly without needing to write code or manage complex scripts. By leveraging large language models, it simplifies the data extraction process, making it accessible to everyone.